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Organizational Identity: Vision

On one hand, the word vision seems straightforward – the ability to see. Yet there is so much more to explore when we think about the broader meaning of vision. It is an articulation and visualization of what we want for the future. Vision has certainly been a source of motivation during my career at Southwest Airlines. I have had the opportunity to work in a number of different roles across the Company over the last 23 (and counting) years, but one common thread is always having the desire and passion to look ahead. Having a vision provides focus and encourages intentional, forward movement.

Our stated Vision is “To be the world’s most loved, most efficient, and most profitable airline.” No pressure, right? Winning any ONE of these categories is a challenge, but to win all three, simultaneously, is what Southwest Airlines is uniquely qualified to own as OUR Vision. Competitors, ever-evolving technology, regulatory bodies and unprecedented events will always exist; therefore, a relentless devotion to our Vision is a must. It is so much the story of the maverick spirit of Southwest Airlines. It’s what pushes us to look for new and unconventional approaches. Southwest has never shied away from being different. We’ve been “color outside of the lines” thinkers since the very beginning. And unconventional thinking is what it takes to boldly improve, innovate and imagine new ways of providing the best service at the lowest cost.

Our Business Transformation Team works tirelessly on various projects that all start with a “why” and are answered by contemplating “what could be.” Not many people get to witness the power of imagination as consistently as I do. I’m truly grateful. From studying how people move through our spaces and envisioning an airport of the future to leveraging artificial intelligence for improving the Customer experience and predicting the ontime turn of an aircraft. Every step we take is guided by our desire to provide the best experience for our Customers and our People.

In closing, Vision is a guiding principle for any business. It certainly has been for Southwest Airlines as a Company and a Family. I’m proud to work within an organization that is both rich in hindsight and foresight. Challenges and pivots throughout life are inevitable. We have all seen and felt them both personally and professionally, and it’s our Vision that helps us turn the page to the next chapter. Vision gives us a path forward, even during the toughest times. Unpredictable moments will take you places, but your Vision will bring you home.


Picture of Angela Marano

Angela Marano

Vice President Business Transformation (at the time of publication)

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