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About the Colleen C. Barrett Institute

The Colleen C. Barrett Institute exists to honor the legacy of Colleen C. Barrett, President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines, by providing resources that help others learn from her example and make their own remarkable impact in their organizations and our world.
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When I was approached about headlining an institute about the Culture and Customer Service of Southwest Airlines®, I confess it took me a little while to get used to the idea. There are few things I shy away from more than being the center of attention.

I’ve always been most comfortable “behind the scenes,” even as Southwest Airlines began to grow years ago (and my position along with it). I was truly just one piece of a much larger relationship between our Company, our Employees, and our Customers. As Southwest Airlines grew, we all grew. It was our experiences together that led to good ideas, that became good practices, that helped define our own way of thinking about work, taking care of our People, and being in selfless service to others.

Our sense of Family is at the Heart of our Culture and Customer Service, and I could not feel more privileged to be part of it and to welcome you as you explore the truly unique elements of our story on the CCBI website. I hope you will stay awhile, laugh a little, and maybe learn something new about LUV®.


Colleen and Plane

“Leadership is not a title.
It’s a way of life.”


Thought Leadership

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Elizabeth Bryant

Being Well: The ROI of Being Well for Yourself and Others

If you’ve ever flown before—hopefully with Southwest!—you’re likely familiar with the inflight safety announcement to put your oxygen mask on first before attempting to help others in an emergency. Did you know the same guidance can apply to your daily life, whether professional or personal? It’s true. To be able to meaningfully care for others or lead effectively, you must take care of yourself.

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Lori Winters

Being Well: Incorporating Wellness into Corporate Culture

Life can throw us all kinds of curve balls, and I’ve personally had times when I’ve needed a little extra help—whether grieving the loss of someone close to me or dealing with my pesky knees that tend to have so much trouble! Southwest has been there every step of the way as I’ve been shown tremendous care by my Cohearts and provided with incredible benefits that help with my wellbeing

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Megan Lee

Being Well: Prioritizing Heart and Home in 2024

When drafting a January newsletter, it’s easy to default to common “New Year” themes, such as setting goals and making resolutions. For me, however, the beginning of the year is a much-needed time to reset and reorganize–to make sure my health, my family, and my Team are ready to take on the coming year. Perhaps this rings true for you?

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Upcoming Events


Roundtable - Coming Soon

Check back for details on our next Virtual Roundtable which will be announced soon!

We are re-envisioning our Virtual Learning opportunities for 2024 and are so excited to share them with you. Please check back for details and updates on exclusive events featuring Southwest Leader-led discussions, special guests, and targeted Customer Service and Culture content. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our library of previous Virtual Roundtables covering timeless principles on topics such as Inspiring Positive Culture, Leading with Empathy, Effective Recognition, Emotional Intelligence, and much more!


October 26 • Southwest Culture Connection

Southwest Culture Connection offers a rare opportunity to experience one of the world’s most admired and enduring organizational cultures—up close! Learn from current and former Southwest Airlines’ Leaders and leave equipped with actionable items to help develop, grow, or reinvigorate your own company culture. Stay tuned for updates on what’s in store for 2024!

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