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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

“Our Team in the SAN station is known for going above and beyond, but today’s display showed the true meaning of Servant’s Heart! When encountering a wheelchair Customer who was using a Portable Oxygen Container (POC), CSS Dhara D. approached her to confirm that she had the required battery capacity for her flight. The woman was traveling alone and had just had surgery. The Customer did not have enough battery life for her POC and was under the impression that she could use the onboard oxygen if necessary. Dhara went into problem solving mode. She researched local companies that may have the needed battery for the Customer’s machine, called the company and made arrangements for the Customer to pay for the battery over the phone. Then CSM Adriana R. enters the picture. Using her own vehicle, she drives to the local medical supply company (about 20 minutes from the airport) to retrieve the battery and ensures that she is back with the battery in hand with plenty of time for this Customer to board her flight. The selfless acts of these two Southwest Warriors is nothing short of AMAZING!!!”

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