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We Have Nice People

“GSP Ops Agent Millie C. worked my flight last weekend, and I had complimented her cute lanyard (it was airline themed and said “born to fly” with a seatbelt buckle to remove your badge easily). Fast forward a week, and she remembered me! When I opened the door, she saw me, smiled, took her lanyard off, handed it to me, and told me to keep it. She remembered our conversation and decided to order another online. Not knowing when she’d see me again, she wasn’t sure when to bring it, so she insisted I take hers! And that’s not all. A Customer had been stranded overnight trying to get to Costa Rica. She went out of her way to ensure he was ok, asking if he had money for food. He was shy and said he was fine, but Millie gave me a $20 bill to give him during flight to make sure he ate. Before final descent, I wrote a small note and handed it to him, with the $20 wrapped inside. After landing, he approached me with a large smile on his face and said to please thank her and to tell her “God bless her.” I told him we appreciated him. It’s moments like these that really stand out and remind us why we do what we do.”

Gúlda C.


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