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Voice Mails from Pop

“On day three of our trip, we were at the airport preparing for work when I realized, for the first time in three years of flying, I did not have my phone. Calls ensued, and it was found on the shuttle. First Officer Jean, who I met that morning in the hotel lobby, set out to retrieve it from the shuttle driver, only to discover the driver left. I’lI spare the details, but it was a bit of a fiasco-one I created all by myself. I’ve never done anything like that and was mortified and apologetic. But mostly, I was terrified. There were valuable pictures on that phone and voice mails saved from my Pop, who passed away last year on Father’s Day. Messages I have listened to multiple times to hear his voice, plus pictures and videos of my goddaughter, who I lost in a tragic car accident six weeks after Pop. The phone was replaceable, but the physical memories it contained were not.”

Laurie B.


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