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True Southwest LUV

I recently witnessed true Southwest LUV, coordinated by my Coheart Andrea M.! Retired Flight Attendant Carol S. had inquired about flying her husband’s cremated remains (retired Captain Jim S.) to Colorado Springs for his funeral at the Air Force Academy. It was beautiful to see our SWA Family take care of one of our own! Jim S. was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and the sponsor of (now BWI Captain) Ed N. while he was a freshman at the Air Force Academy. Jim & Ed both eventually found their way to SWA. Carol hoped Ed could fly Jim to his final resting place. Bob, Dave, and SEA Station Manager Vincent made it happen!

Carol received support from all, including wheelchair assistance and an escort (along with Jim’s urn) to the flight. Her note to Andrea summed up the experience: “…my trip could not have gone any more wonderfully than it did — from Vincent to the exceptional Crew to Ed and the First Officer to the gentleman who took me to meet my ride in Colorado Springs! I am so thrilled to have Jim here! Everything Southwest did is immeasurable in goodness! My gratitude is overflowing! I love our Southwest Airlines Family! Gary should be very proud of his Company and what they did for James!”

Amy M.


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