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Toilet Paper Cake is Always a Hit

“Joel, Lorrie, Charles, Nichole – Thank you so much for an awesome flight experience! After two years at home, our family of four finally decided to go on a vacation to San Diego for my daughter Izzie’s 6th birthday. She and her 4-year-old brother were so excited to finally fly on an airplane again and tell everyone it was her birthday. I asked the Crew if they could wish her a happy birthday, and she said, “We got you!” First, the Pilot announced Izzie and told everyone that she was a special guest who has a birthday coming up. Then the Flight Attendants asked the Passengers to turn on their call button lights and sing happy birthday. And they brought her the most awesome toilet paper cake with some small goodies for her and her brother. My daughter was so surprised and smiled so big. She said she loves Southwest, and everyone was so nice! Kudos to the Crew for making the trip special for our family!”

Darcia T.


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