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The Spirit of Southwest

“I want to commend Southwest Employee Tarun P. for providing the most phenomenal service I’ve ever experienced. I was traveling with my 10-month old baby for the first time in his life (and first for me in over a year). A bit apprehensive, I went to check my stroller at the gate and Tarun met me with the friendliest spirit and explained the entire process. Since our flight was delayed, he gate-checked it only to our layover and said, “Let me know if you need anything!” When we learned we would not make it to OMA, Tarun again met my questions with eagerness to help. After arranging a flight the next day, Tarun asked for my luggage tags then my phone number. He said, “I have a 727 number as well. I’ll call when I get down there.” While entertaining my exhausted child, I received a FaceTime from Tarun in front of my bags saying, “Are these yours? Okay, I’lI meet you back up there.” He explained that my bags would be waiting for me in the Baggage Service Office. My experience was seamless. This man is the spirit of Southwest! I am a nurse, someone in the profession of helping others, and Tarun displayed more compassion and kindness than many of those in my own field! I am so grateful for this experience and thankful to call Southwest “my airline.”



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