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The First & Last Vacation

“My sister and I, along with 10 family members, traveled from Colorado to California for our first family cruise. My sister’s son, five-year-old Mateo, was extremely medically fragile and traveled with several pieces of medical equipment. Because of delays at TSA, we arrived at our gate just 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time (which meant running through the airport with wheelchairs and g-tube feeds). We had four family members at the gate, the other seven moving urgently to the gate—including one with low vision and a walking stick, another in a wheelchair, and Mateo’s equipment. As we anxiously neared the gate, the Captain was standing there with a smile, encouraging us to take deep breaths. Light-heartedly he said, “they can’t leave without me, and I’m not leaving without you!” This was after he had assisted our aunt to her seat. Before retiring, my father was the director of operations for another airline. As seasoned and experienced international travelers, it is noteworthy when true acts of kindness are extended. Mateo passed away four months after his fifth birthday. Your Southwest Team allowed our family to experience a remarkable first and last vacation together.”

Tohbias J.


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