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The Bond I Witnessed

“A very heartfelt thank you ~ We recently lost a family member who worked for Southwest Airlines in Arizona. I am in Law Enforcement and have seen the love, care and sense of family that is shown when we lose one of our own. I was very proud when I observed the same kind of love shown to Bobby. Southwest flew his remains to Dallas for free so that he could be laid to rest in his hometown. I received a video of the send-off when the casket was loaded into the plane and departed. I witnessed the love and care shown when the plane landed, and Bobby’s remains were unloaded. I also observed several Southwest Employees at the funeral here in Dallas. To see this kind of love shown to Bobby was breath-taking. This meant so much to the family, and it showed them why Bobby was so proud to be a part of the Southwest Team. I always knew of the bond that exists in law enforcement. military, and professional teams, but to see the same bond from an airline company, WOW. Y’all rock and please keep it up. I will forever be a Southwest Customer and will always brag about the bond I witnessed from your Employees. A sincere THANK YOU to Southwest and its Employees!”

Richard C.


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