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Thank You, Herb!

“In 1996, I bought numerous copies of the book NUTS and had all my employees at my bank read it and study it. Southwest has always been a good airline, but the personal things made it great. I remember flying out of Cleveland the second day of service here. My second oldest son at the time was 15 and scared to fly. The crew that day put him totally at ease. Three years later, he joined the Marines, and then four years later he joined the Air Force. He’s still active. You never know what one nice act of kindness can do! You can change a life. I wish you and your team the best. Take care of your employees and treat them great. They’ll love their careers so much, you’ll never have to worry about customer service. Oh, one more thing. The Southwest philosophy helped me define my bank’s market niche. I sold my bank in 2014. Got a better price than the market because the acquiring bank loved our culture. Always thought I should have thanked Herb!”

Stephen H.


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