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“We were headed to my father’s funeral in Arlington National Cemetery and were surprised to discover our arrival at Ronald Reagan Airport coincided with the flight on which his body was being transported. We asked for a Supervisor, hoping there might be some way we could witness the transfer of my father’s casket. Bryan came quickly and explained that something like that is planned in advance and coordinated with TSA. Then he said, “Standby.” Bryan made some calls, and to our surprise, was able to walk us down and watch as my father was transferred from the plane. He will never truly understand how much that meant to me, as his son, but also my wife and children. It was such an honor. Bryan was so respectful and accommodating, and I want to send a very big thank you and escalate my compliment as high as I possibly can.

He has shown us why we only fly Southwest Airlines, as well as use your credit card. He is the definition of Customer Service. Please thank him again, not only from myself, but my family.”

Nick B.


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