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Revelry on the Ramp

“Tanya P. sparks joy for everyone in our station. She is one of the most selfless Employees who takes Hospitality and Culture to Heart! Tanya is a Leader among her Cohearts and is our resident Miss Fix-it! This LUV Report is long overdue, as Tanya has donated her time, food, holiday costumes, and overall spirit to Team LGB for a very long time. She goes above and beyond to ensure that our environment is a fun and safe place to work. She holds her Cohearts and Supervisors accountable to a high level of service. For Halloween, Tanya dressed as Beetlejuice with a blow-up sand worm and had children and their parents laughing as she danced around the ramp. She’s also been a cowboy riding a turkey and Heat Miser! Tanya acts as the LGB “road manager” of our Ramp Supervisor David P. as he serenades our Customers with Polynesian songs as they board and/or deplane. She makes sure he’s in place with his music ready to perform on cue without missing a beat! Tanya is truly a bright light and embodies the Fun-LUVing Attitude that SWA expects of us ALL! Tanya is the G.O.A.T!”

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