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Remembering Mister

“Lina, I was floored by your recent act of kindness for our Customer Kiley. She contacted Customer Relations, and you learned that not only had she had a disappointing Customer Service experience, she was traveling to be with her family to put her childhood dog to sleep. You delivered Legendary Customer Service, making Kiley feel better. You also connected with Kiley, as you had the same experience with your childhood dog a few years ago. Since Kiley already had some documents to send, you asked if she felt comfortable sharing a picture of Mister, her dog. You had a secret mission in mind-to have a painting of Mister commissioned for Kiley. In sharing your plan with our Team, naturally, I was happy to donate. Our job in Customer Relations can be challenging sometimes, but the opportunity to connect with Customers on an individual level is what really makes people choose Southwest time and time again. In a time where airlines have to do whatever possible to remain afloat and keep Customers coming back, these connections make a huge difference. You are the best of the best.”

Keagan H.


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