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LUVing One of Our Own

“As I finished a leg into DEN, my husband called to tell me my father had passed away unexpectedly. Being in the middle of my trip—and a BWI FA—I knew I needed help. While in shock from the news, I kept telling my husband, “I just have to get to the lounge, and I will be taken care of.” I am so thankful to work for a Company that promises that. Janet met me at the door so compassionately (and somehow understood what I was trying to say between sobs). Katie and Sydni stopped what they were doing and took care of me, looking for ways to get me home. They allowed me to use a huddle room to make phone calls and to cry, and Janet was able to arrange confirmed travel to BWI and then to ORF.

The compassion and kindness they showed me during this shocking time will never be forgotten. Katie gave me a hug when I left, and I thought, “I am so thankful for this Company that, no matter who you meet, they are your Family and will take care of you even on your darkest days.” Many thanks to Katie, Sydni, and Janet for being a part of my SWA Family.”

Elizabeth H.


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