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LUV Will Find a Way

“When our DAL/LAX Passenger missed her flight, Na helped her way beyond our responsibility. This Passenger, who spoke very little English, was ticketed to Vietnam out of LAX. Being from Vietnam, Na was aware that the pandemic has made traveling there very difficult. The Passenger had to wait months to get a ticket. At the time, we would not be able to get her to LAX in time to make her connecting flight, so Na-unbelievably-took her to Alaska Airlines. Their next LAX flight was leaving in only a few minutes, so there was not enough time to buy a new ticket. The Alaska Airlines Agent agreed to allow the Passenger to use one of their buddy passes. The Passenger did not have enough money to cover the cost, so Na graciously paid for it herself, with only a promise of reimbursement. What an unimaginable act of kindness! Na is everything SWA stands for! What a blessing you are! (And I am happy to also share that Na did get reimbursed!)”

Tricia M. and Cheyenne P.


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