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It’s a Boy

“Not long ago, my husband and I were flying from Baltimore to Orlando. I was 3 months pregnant and knew my husband was hoping for his first boy, after 3 girls. I wanted to surprise him, so I boarded early and asked the Flight Attendant, Amy, to give him whatever beverage he ordered in a glass that read “It’s a boy” (which I had brought onboard, along with a bag full of blue snacks and candies). Amy asked if we could do more than that, and I readily agreed. She wrote an entire poem about having a boy and called my husband up midflight. She read the poem and gave him the treats. At the end, the entire plane yelled “it’s a boy.” My husband was so surprised and happy. Amy went above and beyond. Her kindness, energy and enthusiasm made it a wonderful experience and left us feeling like we were flying and celebrating with family. Amy is amazing, and Southwest is lucky to have such a kind, fun Flight Attendant. Please let her know how wonderful she is and how grateful we are for her.”

Mary D.


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