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Huge Servant’s Heart

“We recently had a Customer traveling from Louisville to Hartford via Baltimore. She was hearing impaired and had a peanut allergy, so she was at the airport very early. Oumou noticed that the Customer’s carry-on bag was taped shut, and it was barely holding her belongings inside. Oumou approached her and spoke with her, and asked if she would mind if Oumou tried to find her a bag to replace her broken one. The Customer agreed to it. Oumou had to write everything down so she could communicate with her, since the Customer is deaf. Oumou then proceeded to go to the airport gift shop to try to find a bag for her. Our tote bags would not have held all of her stuff, so she purchased a duffel bag and a backpack to give to her. We all know that airport prices are pretty steep, but Oumou did not worry about it, and did not hesitate to spend over $120.00 (with the Employee discount), to help our Customer. Oumou has a huge Servant’s Heart for our Cohearts and our Customers. I had the opportunity to witness this firsthand and it was heartwarming.”

Leticia A.


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