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Happy Mother’s Day!

“During the pandemic, our Team was one of the few that remained “in person” in the office, so we regularly saw a lot of the awesome folks who care for our facilities. A few weeks back, Sonay was chatting with our LEAD Operations and Wings Cleaning Tech, Lupe V. Lupe is mom to 2 girls and happened to mention how much she missed her own mom in El Salvador. Immediately, Sonay began thinking of how to help Lupe see her Mom. Sonay wanted to do something fast and make it happen, so she purchased a roundtrip ticket to El Salvador out of her own pocket so that Lupe could surprise HER mom for Mother’s Day!! WOW! Sonay is one of the most compassionate, talented and generous women I know. As word got around the office, other Cohearts wanted to pitch in too to support Lupe, all because of the spark of KINDNESS that started from Sonay’s actions. I hope this made your day as much as it made mine!!”

Christina H.


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