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Handmade with Love

“Andrew is a brand new Ops Agent with SWA. I had the good fortune of facilitating his New Hire class. The entire class was pretty spectacular, but Andrew did a little extra something to stand out. On my last day, the entire class presented me with a gift-a SWA Heart handmade by Andrew from a 200 year-old piece of Cherry wood and epoxy resin. It’s absolutely beautiful. Andrew spent time after class studying his city codes and making this SWA Heart for me. He had the class sign the back and present it to me on their last day of class. This gesture and the time he put into making it reminds me of who we are as a Company.

This class was amazing. One made cookies; another brought candy; they stayed together on breaks and lunches; helped during assessments; practiced quizzes. I’ve had New Hire classes form bonds, two people here and there, but the entire class all stuck together. It was spectacular to see. We may be short staffed, but we still don’t cut corners when it comes to hiring. We make sure we get the right People. Andrew is a testament to that. I’m excited to see him bring that same joy to our Customers.”

Kara K.


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