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Dinner is Served

“Our 5:20 pm flight had just been delayed for the third time and would now depart at 7:30pm. So at 6pm, I went to purchase some dinner to eat before we boarded. Within 5 minutes, my husband called and told me to come immediately as boarding had begun (we had favorable A20 and A21 boarding positions, which I was not willing to lose!). I hightailed it to the boarding line without waiting for our pizza and suddenly realized, at the door of the plane, that I had left my credit card at the pizza place. I immediately told the Flight Attendant, and she had me tell the Captain my name and where I had left the card. I took my seat knowing that the card would most likely not be found. Within ten minutes, a Southwest Employee entered the plane with the pizza, our drinks, and my credit card. I am a frequent flier and know that Southwest has exceptional associates from top to bottom, but I was shocked and thrilled at such exceptional service. I was extremely grateful for their effort in going well above and beyond the call of duty!”

Renee A.


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