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Customers Are Family Too

“Yesterday, when we arrived at the check-in counter at Southwest Airlines in Corpus Christi, TX, (CRP) they asked us if we were on vacation, and I told them that we had been, unfortunately, traveling for a funeral. An hour later, while we were sitting at the gate waiting for our flight home, an announcement came over the loudspeaker asking for us to come to the counter. Assuming there was a problem, I went up and the attendant handed me a card and expressed her sympathy for our loss.

How thoughtful and caring is that? It was a simple, lovely gesture that touched our hearts. This is just another reason I will continue to fly Southwest Airlines. When we needed to fly out quickly to get to Texas before my father-in-law passed away last week, I did not even consider “shopping around” for cheaper tickets. I knew SWA would get us there efficiently and with no fuss at all. I was right! The peace of mind that comes with flying with you is worth every penny!”

Bretta O.


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