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Crowd Control

ā€œI had the pleasure of working with Troy when he came to BLI to help open the Station. He went out of his way to help People, and it was not limited to Southwest Customers. We have a small ticket counter, and if he overheard a customer on another airline who had missed a flight or was otherwise disrupted, he would go out of his way to assist. This continues now that he is in DAL! I received a message recently when Troy reached out to BLI to see if we would go over to our neighbors at Alaska to see if they could contact Alaska reps in DAL. A large number of Alaska customers were in DAL, but there was not an agent to be found. I saw Troy’s message and texted my friend, who works for Alaska, to see if she could reach out to DAL. Turns out, the flight the customers were lining up for was four hours late and there would not be an agent to assist them for a couple hours. Again, Troy with his Servant’s Heart, passes on the info to the Alaska customers even though he was busy with his own work. Ironically, my Alaska friend texts me to let me know she has been speaking to a nice WN agent in DAL who is doing crowd control until an Alaska rep could arrive. Something tells me he won over some folks that day when they saw how helpful Troy was and that he was assisting out of the goodness of his Heart. Troy is such an asset to our Company. He continues to shine, and BLI continues to miss him even months after his departure.ā€

Kathryn A.


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