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Celebration of Life

“Honolulu owes a huge Mahalo to our Cohearts for organizing an event to honor the passing of the wife of one of our Ramp Agents. Larry experienced the loss of his mother and now, his wife. Southwest Cohearts, Cindy K., Sharon G., and Tracey C. organized a lovely send off–an Island experience to be treasured. Larry’s wife’s coffin was laden with leis and flowers, and the family was honored with Island music as she was placed on an OAK flight for final resting in LAS. The Station was there to say goodbye and support Larry. Because of the LUVing care of these ladies, we were able to lift Larry and the family up with hula dancing, gifts, and food. HNL was “one family” in support of a Coworker during this time in song and prayer. She was greeted on arrival in LAS with white roses. THIS IS SOUTHWEST! Thank you, Cindy, Sharon, and Tracey for your LUV and compassion, for one of ours!”

Judy B.


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