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Bittersweet Tears

“The day of my father’s funeral, I had the privilege of receiving his American Military Honors flag. I protected that American flag, holding it tightly before our flight back home. Upon boarding, I asked a Flight Attendant if she or the Crew could carry the flag during the flight to protect it even further. The Captain not only allowed the flag to travel in the cockpit, it was strapped in the third (empty) seat. I was in awe-my father loved jets, airplanes, and anything that flies. He wanted to be a pilot but couldn’t because of his poor eyesight, so he joined the US Air Force to serve those who fly. My mother exited the lavatory, surprised to see me at the front of the aircraft. I gently turned her around to see the American flag in the cockpit, and we both broke down in bittersweet tears. The Crew announced that they were honored to have dad’s American Military Honors flag onboard, and every person clapped for my daddy. The Captain took a picture with my daughter and the flag in the cockpit. It was also my birthday, and wrote a sweet birthday note on a Southwest napkin! Thank you to everyone who had a part in giving my dad’s memory and military service, as well as the American flag, the recognition they deserve. My family and I will always fly Southwest Airlines.”

Cynthia R.


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