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Bachelorette Party at 30,000 ft

“I recently had an amazing experience on a Southwest flight for my bachelorette party two weeks ago. Two bridesmaids and I were headed to my bachelorette party in Scottsdale. Our flight attendants were Sierra and Jordie. As soon as they noticed my sash that said “bride”, they gave us VIP treatment the entire flight. This included a glass of sparkling wine, a crown and veil made of snack packets, drink skewers, and toilet paper, and a makeshift bouquet from a roll of TP. They were local to the Phoenix area and gave us tons of recommendations on places to go. Finally, they made me walk down the aisle while announcing to the whole plane that I was getting married. Both of them are engaged and were excited to hear the details of the wedding and bachelorette party. These two women are truly the definition of the amazing service with a smile I have always gotten on this airline. They deserve a HUGE kudos for helping start my bachelorette weekend on the right foot.”

Lauren I.


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