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Angels Among Us

“I had to fly to Florida at short notice because my sister was sick with COVID. I had a 55-minute layover in Atlanta, which turned into a four-hour delay. My sister’s husband is 79 and had driven two and a half hours to pick me up in Jacksonville. But after waiting through three revised arrival times, he had to get back to my sister. I had $400 cash to work with, not knowing how long I had to stay. And now with no ride waiting for me, I felt like a kid. When we finally arrived, one of the Crew Members asked me what was wrong, and I explained. The next thing I know, a cab came over to load my bags. The Crew had chipped in and paid for a cab to take me two and half hours to my sister. I told them I would send them money when I got home. They said, “No, go be with your family.” The cab driver told me the cost was $245. I cried for a long time, thinking that people I did not know helped me in a very bad time. THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE to help someone in need.”

Gary B.


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