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A Cut Above the Competition

“I had boarded my flight home and was disappointed to realize I’d left a portable battery charger behind at the gate. Replaceable, yes, but a hassle to reacquire the right cords and setup I had perfected. I spoke to a Flight Attendant named Paige, who heard my concern but was quite busy helping folks board and stow their luggage. It was difficult to describe what I’d lost and where, so I chalked it up to a loss and took my seat so as not to hold up the line. Fast forward to mid-flight, when Paige appeared out of nowhere, holding my battery charger. She’d conjured it up somehow, maybe teleported it onto the plane?! Whatever means she employed to locate my item and get it back to me within the hour was above-and-beyond service. She had the additional work of tracking me down, too, since I was wearing a mask. I was honestly stunned with gratitude and appreciation that your Employee displayed that kind of reliability. One more reason I consider Southwest a cut above the competition in so many areas Customer experience, in particular. Sincere thanks to Paige, and thank you, Southwest!”

John T.


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